Digital Jewelry Manufacturing is all about the making. We are truly passionate about master craftsmanship and creativity, just as much as we are for technology.


Users and consumers’ trends change rapidly, technology evolves constantly. Jewelry manufacturing is not the exception.
Juberly combines experienced master jewelers skills, the best casting technologies and the most advanced 3D printers in today’s industry. You get the best only when you use the best.


• 3D printers

For more than a decade, Juberly has extensively researched for the best 3D printer, just to find that it does not exist! With so many options in the market, we found that different needs require diverse features, just as a round bur is not the only tool in your bench.

For this reason, we rely on 3 different types of machines depending on your design and order requirements.

IMG 1259

Juberly exclusively use 3D Systems Projet MJP2500W, Solidscape S-Series and Tiger3D printers. You get the best only when you use the best.

All printers are continuously monitored, serviced and operated to provide the highest quality standards.


• Casting setup

Juberly meets artistry with science. Highly skilled, experienced casters use cutting-edge technology to achieve perfection.

Precious metal casting is tradition, art, engineering, metallurgy and science. It is almost magical: Powder mixed with liquid to make a plaster-like mold to burn wax out. At the right time and temperature, molten metal is poured into it.

Hundreds of variables come into place. Every single variable must be controlled to accomplish a perfect jewelry casting.

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Juberly uses only cutting-edge casting setup powered by the most reputable manufacturers, such as Cimo, Yasui and Indutherm. You get the best only when you use the best.